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Gabe Gomes

Gabe loves music and computers. Computers and chemistry. Sometimes he tries to solve chemistry problems with computers while listening to music.

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phd students

Marco Hosfeld

Marco Hosfeld is a PhD student in the chemical engineering program at CMU. He goes to the gym everyday. He has a great interest in biocatalysis an engineering supramolecular structures for both biocatalysis and drug delivery.

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Nick Hattrup

Nick loves music, chemistry, math, and a bunch of outdoor activities. When he's not trying to discover the next breakthrough material with state-of-the-art machine learning models, he can be found biking around Pittsburgh or trying to beat his squat max in the gym.

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Robert MacKnight

Robert hopes to tackle problems in the field of computer-aided reaction engineering. His other interests are music, sports, and video games. Robert is a die-hard Philadelphia sports fan. Above all else, Robert hopes to learn a lot from his peers while hopefully returning the favor along the way.

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rotation students

Sijie Fu

Sijie is a grad student in Chemistry, who does not go to the gym and sleeps a lot. Instead of doing things himself, he forces computers. You may find his computers trying to accelerate materials discoveries when he is asleep. He loves Ping Pong & badminton, and is looking for buddies (not computers)!


master students

Anchit Singhal

Anchit is a MS student in the Department of Chemical Engineering at CMU. He is working on the development of Molecular Transformers. He completed his B.Tech. at IIT, Dhanbad, India. He wishes to learn further in the field of catalysis and machine learning and hopes that his research can contribute to society. In his free time, he likes reading novels.

Parth Patel

Parth is an M.S student at the Department of Chemical Engineering. He has done his Btech in Chemical Engineering from ICT Mumbai. His interests primarily lie in Bayesian optimization and computational experimentation. He also loves to travel and explore.


Daniil Boiko

Daniil is currently a student at Lomonosov Moscow State University and is particularly interested in machine learning for catalyst and reaction discovery. He likes good code and sometimes pays too much attention to details.

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Letícia Madureira

I'm Leticia Madureira, from Santa Catarina, Brazil. I'm a undergraduate student in Chemistry at UFSC (Federal University of Santa Catarina) and an undergraduate student in Computer Sciences at UNIFRAN (University of Franca). Since I was 7, being a scientist was my dream, assuming an eternal compromise with my studies. My hobbies are: read about politics and watch comedy series.

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Thiago Reschützegger

Despite his Austrian surname, Thiago is Brazilian and Uruguayan. He loves science and life. Therefore, his main interest is to push science to improve life. In his free time, he is a Chemical Engineering undergraduate student.

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Thomas Syphan

Tom is from western Pennsylvania from a small country town with a population of 500 people. He loves science (especially chemistry) and anything outdoors. He enjoys building cool new compounds and coming up with unique solutions to questions in science. He also likes reading, biking, running, rock climbing, birding, and hiking.




Louise can do weird and useless tricks


Sometimes Pancho pretends to be a plant


Fibi always asks for a cafuné (portuguese word without translation)


People say she fell into a paint can

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